Monday, March 17, 2008

Freedom Quest #2 Web Comic Recap

There it is! Freedom Quest # 2 Web Comic! See previous posts to check out all 10 pages AND Freedom Quest issue #1 Web Comic!
Hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the continuation of the "Hitchhiker" Web Comic coming soon...

FQ #2 Page 10

FQ #2 Pages 8 & 9

FQ #2 Pages 6 & 7

FQ #2 Pages 4 & 5

FQ #2 Pages 2 & 3

FQ #2 Page 1

Freedom Quest #2 Page 1. We start off with a dramatic flashback! OOOOOOOOOO. AAAAAAAAAAA.

Freedom Quest #2 Web Comic!!

We interrupt our regular program to bring you this news flash:
Freedom Quest issue # 2 is now available!!! Published by Christian Family Church Intl. I enjoyed working on this issue and gave it a little refinement; as far as the overall look of the book goes. I streamlined some of the character designs and really pushed the cover to stand out more! I co-plotted the story and did all the artwork. The final script was written by Jason Gunn. Hope you enjoy it. And soon we'll return to our regular scheduled program: "The Hitchhiker". (By the way, for those of you eagerly waiting for the rest of the Hitchhiker story - It will be finished soon, hang in there.)