Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Finale

I know this not the usual post (nothing to do with my artwork) BUT I just HAD to share such an awesome and fun experience with everyone! Finally, here we are (my wife and I) with the MST3K crew at the end of the night - they were the most patient and fun group of people to meet and talk to! All in all, IT WAS GREAT! I HOPE THEY DO THIS AGAIN SOON!

Myster Science Theater 3000 some more...

Special Guest Appearance : TOM SERVO! Kevin Murphy (the voice of Tom Servo) was supposed to be at the event, however was too sick to travel - we missed him. Some fan actually brought this particular Tom Servo robot that he built to be signed by the crew.
After the LIVE performance, we got a chance to meet the crew and thank them for mst3k - also got some stuff signed.
I gotta say they were all the sweetest people and really down to earth! Especially Joel Hodgson!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Continued...

We had the BEST seats in the house! Front and Center! Joel Hodgson talked about some of his inpirations and how he got started and later answered some questions from fans. The whole crew seemed so laid back and down to earth. They later went to talk about the Cinematic Titanic future and how there'll be more movies coming soon; they'll be filming 3 episodes in May!
Can you read the script? I can't we were just out of range. You're looking at the riff script for Roger Corman's "The Wasp Woman!" After the panel, the crew turned around and did a LIVE performance! Riffed on "THE WASP WOMAN." I cannot stop talking about how much fun it was to actually be in the theater with over 400 mst3k fans LAUGHING OUR HEADS OFF as the crew just riffed one after the other! It was an experience like nothing else, AND personally, I really think they should do LIVE PERFORMANCES on a regular basis and go tour or something! I think that if more people out there who don't know what mst3k is went to an actual live performance, they would just LOVE IT! and want to see everything else mst3k has done.

Myster Science Theater 3000 ! 20th Anniversary!

We had an GREAT time in Dallas, TX this past weekend! The Dallas Film Festival took place last week and most of the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was there! In celebration of the 20th anniversary! They had a panel in which they went over the history of mst3k and later took some audience questions. One guy had the audacity to accuse them of ripping off a skit that he and some friends mailed into them. The mst3k crew pretty much ridiculed him and laughed it off! Later, they returned to the same joke claiming they get all their ideas from fan mail - HA HA HA!