Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Finale

I know this not the usual post (nothing to do with my artwork) BUT I just HAD to share such an awesome and fun experience with everyone! Finally, here we are (my wife and I) with the MST3K crew at the end of the night - they were the most patient and fun group of people to meet and talk to! All in all, IT WAS GREAT! I HOPE THEY DO THIS AGAIN SOON!


Matthew Czuprynski said...

Hey Sam, Matthew here (From the Six Flags Caricature Classes). Glad to hear you're doing well and having fun. Sad to say I lost the job due to multiple reasons, but I learned a LOT from it, and there's always next season. Hope to hear from you soon, and hope to see the continuation of your comic.

Sam Lotfi said...

Hey Matthew,
Sorry to hear you're not at six flags anymore, but as you said "always next season". I'm glad you learned a LOT and you should see the continuation of my comic book soon... I'm putting together a portfolio right now (busy busy busy) for some future projects;
I'll post some of that stuff on here too, soon as I get it done. LOTS to do! See you later.