Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quiet Satisfaction!

I know, I know, its been a while - I've been busy with Comic book projects, Storyboards, and Animation since I got back from my California trip and the San Diego Comic-Con! It was a BLAST & it was ENCOURAGING in so many ways! But that's NOT what I want to yack about today - I'll save that for later. It seemed most appropriate to share the following with you, HERE, on this blog. Where else would it go?
Anyway, here are some IDEAS/NOTES on Drawing and Animation in general that I've had on my mind:
((its a novel, so read at your own risk))
The first lesson Richard Williams teaches in his book THE ANIMATORS SURVIVAL KIT, is to UN-PLUG!!! That means: Get the wires out of your ears and turn the TV/DVD/music/radio/internet and any other distractions OFF!!! Because you CANNOT SERIOUSLY get your BEST work done while you're distracted or only putting in half the effort.

I've tried it before & I continue to work this way mostly, because it REALLY WORKS! You'll see your work improve IMMEDIATELY because all of the sudden you're paying FULL ATTENTION to what you're doing! Music can be inspirational, but NOT when you're getting started on whatever you're working. I find its BEST to get past the initial stages of a project and when you've come to a place that your putting in your BEST EFFORT and CONCENTRATING, then and only then, it could be inspirational or encouraging to CONTINUE what you've already started on your own without the help of music or anything else thank you very much! But only appropriate music or something that fits what you're working on. Otherwise, you're back to square 1!

Its a lonely journey and NOBODY will do it for you, but when you work hard at it, day & night (consistently) you'll see that you're growing as an artist and animator and that is SO SATISFYING! In order to do something that is unique and fresh and not just repeat the previous success - you have to TAKE RISKS! CREATIVITY = RISKS! You can't play it safe. You have to get to the place where you're pouring yourself out onto the paper. And it requires digging deep within, so how do you expect to do that with distractions? Do you think Michelangelo had a choir singing for him while he was painting or sculpting? Did Leonardo regularly have a messenger telling him about the local news while he was working? I don't think so. They were immersed in their work! I'm sure they had distractions of their own and we have ours, but the point is to stay FOCUSED in order to accomplish anything of great value! You can't just "wing it" and expect GREAT RESULTS!

The next time you sit down to draw or animate - DRINK UP THE QUIET SATISFACTION! The UNLIMITED possibilities of the blank page & the pencil scratching the paper as you begin... get passed the act of drawing or animating and immerse yourself in the world your creating! Relish it! Its YOURS! Never forget to have FUN while working because in the end, what else would you rather be doing? - SAM LOTFI

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