Thursday, December 11, 2008

FAT Robin Hood?

I saw Robin Hood Men in Tights the other night; it had been a loooooong time since I last saw it - still pretty funny;
Young Frankenstein is better though.
Suddenly I thought, "How come you never see a fat Robin Hood?", so here you go, a fat and pompous Robin Hood.
I always thought it was cool how Robin Hood disguised himself to compete in the archery tournament.
So, here he is looking a bit like Mark Twain in a Western. I'll be back soon with some more dirty laundry.


zieglarf said...

That's pretty nice there Sam!

Now, if we could get you to post more than once a month...

Sam Lotfi said...

You love the anticipation, admit it!
Just kidding!
I know, I know, more posts more often thats the idea.
I'm working toward that goal, just kinda challenging keeping up with a blog while I'm busy with other projects. But thats what a blog is all about isn't it?
I'm definitely gonna be posting more often so just keep your eyes peeled!