Friday, December 19, 2008

A little animation?

  Hello out there!   Back again!   Okay, so this is an animation test I did way back in February of 2007.   I was playing around with some ideas and just warming up to the idea of doing some paperless - hand drawn (digital) animation.   I used Photoshop to draw in (which is why the ball is kinda scribbly & loose)  and I imported the drawings into iMovie to put it all together; on my iMac of course!   What other computer is there besides Apple?!  Anyway, here's the end result - its kinda short, but fun.  Hope you enjoy it, please feel free to comment & let me know what you think...  I'll be posting more of my animation as I get time to animate.   Later!   (BTW - for some reason the video is not playing correctly or at all, the timing is totally off!   I'm new at this "video posting" stuff,  so I'll have to figure it out as soon as I can & post it then.   If anybody knows how to post quicktime movies so they'll play CORRECTLY - please let me know, I'd REALLY appreciate it.  Be back soon WITH the video). 


mann i hate this shit said...

sam you gotta upload the video to a server first. dont direct link from your computer at home. i dont know if you are trying to direct link it but yeah.


Sam Lotfi said...

Well, I tried that at first and realized it wasn't working.
So, I tried uploading it on You Tube and Vimeo, but neither one of them would play the quick time movie correctly. You got any advice? Thanks.