Sunday, December 21, 2008


Observation... there is a BIG difference between just mindlessly looking at something and observing something.  Sherlock Holmes was an observer - every clue he found was because he was observing.  While others were just mindlessly looking at the clues & not realizing they were clues.  Anyway, I said all that to say, gesture drawing is all about observation!  You've got to really pay attention to the subject.  In this case, I was at the mall watching shoppers of all kinds walk by - young, old, impatient, strollers, big & small... here are a few observations I made this morning (BTW - these are about 5-10 second quick sketches):  there was an elderly man being dragged around by his grandchild shopping - meanwhile trying to resist her pulling.  I really liked how this lady was carrying 5 or 6 heavy shopping bags in one hand (struggling with the weight) and in the other hand her little purse.  And a few other things that just caught my eye... well, the best kind of drawing that supports animation is gesture drawing - I'm a bit RUSTY!  But, I'm gonna keep at it and keep moving forward.  Enjoy & Stay tuned.  

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