Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drawing from life!

Hey, out there!  Hope everybody is doing good!  Back with some more dirty laundry.  There's a quiet pond near where I live, that I've gone to for years...its a really peaceful place to go and take a walk and just refresh.  I thinks its important for everyone to have a place like that, whatever it may be for you.  Anyway, I've always enjoyed observing the geese and ducks that live there and how they behave with each other.  Its really cool.  So, here a few gesture drawings/quick sketches I've done.  I must admit that I spend most of my time drawing people and not so much animals.  Which is strange for me because I LOVE to observe animals and watch how their thinking is displayed by their movements and actions;  you can really see that they have personalities just like we do.  Hope I'm not boring anybody to death out there.  Anyway - I've got more animal drawings to do.  Keep drawing.  Long live pencil & paper!

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