Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lunch sketches...

I find myself drawing more often on my lunch breaks...I gotta admit that in the past every once in awhile I used to feel like drawing was this "work" that I had to do and didn't want to draw on my lunch breaks, but I feel the exact opposite now.  MAN!  I get so energized and refreshed when I draw at lunch - it keeps that FIRE/PASSION/FUN GOING constantly!  So, give it a try, it may take some discipline, but once you get in the habit of drawing everyday - you won't want to miss a day of drawing!  Cause you'll almost immediately see the improvement or what you need to work on to get better.  Either way,  its all progress as long as you don't give up and quit!  Keep drawing and have fun!  Long live pencil & paper! 

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