Thursday, May 28, 2009

Draw night part 1

Back again...  here are a couple of "characters" that were around during Draw Night.  I love to observe groups of people and draw from memory the few that catch my eye.  Its a great drawing exercise to study/observe people in public and try to soak up all the details that make up their unique personality ( no longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute) then just let it all pour out onto the paper as fast as possible!  Keeps you loose/fresh and gets you out of any bad habits you may have if you practice it regularly.  Kinda like, how life drawing and gesture drawing help break any routine that you might be stuck in.  It cleans the palette and gives you a fresh start.  At least, thats how I feel about it - everybody has their own thing.  HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO GET OUT OF ROUTINE/BAD HABITS
Try life drawing/gesture drawing - doesn't have to be a life drawing class.  This can be as easy as going out to any public area (shopping mall, local park, or ESPN its great for drawing figures in movement) and draw as fast as you can, DON'T stop to critique/edit...JUST DRAW and KEEP DRAWING!  Critique AFTER you're done with your drawing session.
 Another tip - Try changing mediums/tools;  I usually draw using COL-ERASE color pencils, they are really soft pencils and just FLOW onto the paper!  Great for character design, gesture drawing/sketching, & especially ANIMATION!   But, I'm sure you've noticed I switched to pen and markers just for a change of pace, its fun.  Sometimes new tools help get you out of any creative ruts or make things fresh again.  
 And finally (although there are hundreds of tips) Draw something you have NEVER drawn before or don't normally draw - for me that's animals.  I'm so used to drawing people/characters that I (for no reason at all) forget to draw animals;  they're so much fun to draw and can be a great challenge too!  Anyways, I don't want to bore y'all anymore with this stuff, so get out there and draw cause the only way you're gonna grow and get better is with your pencil ON the paper!  Have FUN!

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