Friday, May 29, 2009

Draw Night part 2

Hey guys and girls,
 back with a sequel for Draw Night!  
Here are a few more of the "characters" I drew sitting across from me.  It really helps to have a group of friends/other artists that you hang out & draw with to bounce ideas off each other.  Most freelance artists/animators work in a it gets kinda lonely after a while and you start to question your work more and more...SO, it helps to break out of that vacuum and share what you got with other vacuum dwellers and get their input/insight.  I really feel that if you want to grow/get better as an artist/animator; one of the key things to do is expose your work to a fresh pair of eyes and sincerely listen/observe their feed back.  Now, some feedback you might need to take seriously and improve on.... while other feedback you simply set aside on a shelf and think about from time to time... and of course there's the feedback that you just trash right away... BUT the way I handle feedback is to listen and ask myself those tough questions...if I can answer them honestly and sincerely (and you know when you're being true to yourself) ONLY THEN can I put the feedback in the appropriate places;  be it the shelf, the trash, or apply them.  Hope you guys aren't too bored with this stuff, I just thought it might be kinda helpful - I've met a lot of other artists who don't know what to do with honest feedback.  Have fun and keep drawing!  Long live pencil & paper! 


Steve said...

Hi, Sam. I came across your blog while randomly pushing "Next Blog". Hope you don't mind, I'd like to "follow" your blog and expand my range of influence. Good work, keep it up.

Sam Lotfi said...

Hi Steve,
thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't mind at all, feel free to "follow".
Take care,