Monday, June 1, 2009

Comin' Atya!

More dirty laundry!  Yippeeee!
Well, I kept noodling with this one until I got to a place I could call finished.  I goofed up a few areas, but decided to just keep moving forward so that I could actually finish it.  Sometimes, you never really finish a drawing/sketch or even a portfolio just have to get to a point that you can call "done".  REMEMBER:  PERFECTION IS YOUR ENEMY!  Perfection will keep you from ever getting anywhere or ever finishing anything!  All that is required of you is YOUR BEST and that is something completely different.  "Your Best" will constantly be changing as you grow and learn more.  So next time your working on a project and you've got a looming deadline (which doesn't give you any room to breath) REMEMBER, just do your Best where you are at now and learn from it and keep getting better!  But that will ONLY happen with your pencil ON THE PAPER REGULARLY!  Have fun!  Long live pencil and paper!

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