Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's MISTER BLOUX to you!

Here's some different dirty laundry for a change.  Meet Bloux (bloo), he's our family fish (beta - if you wanna get technical).  I found him munching on something today cause he still had a piece sticking out of his mouth...don't know what he's munching on...I don't think I wanna know.   I thought I'd sketch this guy for a nice change of pace...I'll be honest, animals are NOT my strength.  I can draw human/anthropomorphic characters, but animals can be a bit of a challenge to me sometimes = which means (wait for it).... I NEED to draw/observe MORE ANIMALS!  That's right folks!  Everybody needs to work on their craft in someway REGULARLY!  The best way to be a well rounded artist/animator is to eat lots of snacks late at night before you get to bed!  J/K!  Get it?  "well rounded"  Tee Hee!  (I know that was stupid)  Moving on... Draw things/places/people that you haven't drawn before.  And DON'T just draw watch you see...take some time to REALLY OBSERVE your subject and its personality!  Even places have a personality or mood...try to observe that and infuse that into your drawing!  Long live pencil and paper! 

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