Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet Victory!

Here's to taking the first idea that comes to mind and just running with it on paper!  Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't and that's okay because you can learn from it and get better!  This is just my personal opinion:  Everybody deals with "creative blocks"/"writers block"/etc...  whatever you wanna call it.  But honestly, I think what most people call "writers block" is just a lack of confidence and/or experimentation - to take those little ideas (that at first seem so stupid or cliche') and working them out ON the paper and see where it takes you...try to infuse something personal into it.  You've heard the phrase that every story/plot has already been what, but what has NOT been done is that same plot with a FRESH/PERSONALLY INFORMED point of view.  Nobody, can live your life except you, SO, nobody is gonna have your point of view.  The trick (really no trick, just practice)  is to execute that idea in such a unique way that it becomes something people call "new".  Long live pencil and paper!

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