Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spidey Sneak Inks!

Inking. Its something that can be fun or painfully boring, depending on how you approach it.
If you leave room for creative choices (actually drawing in the details with ink), then inking tends to be a lot more fun. However, if your pencils are so ridiculously tight, leaving no room for creative choices, then you're pretty much just tracing and that gets boring really fast. It usually boils down to a confidence issue. Are you comfortable only loosely pencilling in the structure & layout, then drawing the finished art with ink instead of pencil? It takes lots of practice and time, but you'll eventually get there. You just have to trust yourself enough and be okay with making mistakes, in this day and age we have white out, white paint, & digital fixes for any mistake so there's really nothing to be afraid of. You have to be okay with letting the brush or the pen do whatever it naturally does, and use that to your advantage. Its something I'm still working on and will always be trying to improve, cause there's always room to improve. Again for the process junkies out there; I used a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen - size "S" - they use india ink. And also a Pentel Brush Pen, those are really cool cause the brush tip is a very flexible nylon that behaves much like a real brush. Until next time, LONG LIVE PENCIL & PAPER!!!

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