Friday, April 9, 2010

Spidey Sneak

I did this spidey recently just for fun. I haven't drawn the wall-crawler in a long time, so it was fun just diving into his world and coming up with a pose and mini story in the composition. Usually, I'll roughly sketch out the entire composition and figures, but this time I just went with the flow of the scene. I just started drawing, roughing in a few things here and there, but overall just doodling it out; improvising on the spot. Sometimes that can work for you, but if you're not careful, it can back fire on you badly. There are a few areas on this image I'm not too happy with, again, because of the lack of planning. Although this one didn't come out just the way I thought it would, I still had a blast drawing it! By the way, for those process-junkies out there: I used a col-erase blue pencil on this drawing. I'll be inking it and posting that next, so stay tuned!

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