Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TX Comic Con 2010 Recap!

TX Comicon was AWESOME! Everyone was super excited about my upcoming RECKLESS graphic novel so the limited edition ashcans were going quick! I had a blast meeting all kinds of friendly folks and fans. Caught up with some old friends & fellow artists I hadn't seen in a loooooooong time and drew some really fun commissions! Some of the high points for me were the great conversations I had with Whilce Portacio and Bob McLeod! Those guys were so generous with their time and really down to earth; it was awesome talking shop with them.
Just want to take a moment to thank my fellow professionals who dropped by the table and to those who were kind enough to take time out to talk when I managed to visit them at theirs. Thanks to the coordinators of the show for making everything run as smoothly as possible. I'll see y'all at TX Comic Con next year!
The above pics are some of the commissions I did at the convention...there are more, but I'll post those separately. Enjoy!

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