Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wizard World AUSTIN Comic Con! NOV. 12 - 14 (FRI - SUN)

WIZARD WORLD AUSTIN COMIC CON 2010! NOV. 12 - 14 (FRI - SUN) will be my next convention appearance. I will be exhibiting at this years Wizard World AUSTIN Comic Con in ARTISTS ALLEY, you can look for my (ahem) handsome face there; booth # info will follow shortly. I'll be there to promote my new upcoming original graphic novel called "RECKLESS". I will have the new RECKLESS LIMITED EDITION Ashcan (Preview Comic) & Sketchbook available there. And I will also be taking commissions for original sketches. Look forward to seeing you there! I'll have my booth # info for you as soon as I get it. CLICK the POST TITLE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFO.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something Fun for October!

October is finally here and we are about half way through it already! YIKES! I drew this recently while hanging out with some friends during 24 hour comic day. While I wasn't able to participate in the event officially, I did do some drawings and cheered on the fellow artists as they cranked out their pages. It was an awesome time. Enjoy the October themed drawing and remember, LONG LIVE PENCIL & PAPER!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

100th POST!!!

100th Post! WOW! I've finally done it! It seems so long ago that I started this blog and considering my average time of updating, its about time! Well, better late than never. It feels good, I gotta be honest. And while I know 100 posts really isn't that big a deal to most regular bloggers out there, its a big deal to me. I started this blog for fun and to keep anyone out there interested, updated on what I'm doing artistically; an online sketchbook if you will. I want to show the progression of whatever projects I may be working on, unfortunately due to Non Disclosure Agreements, I have to wait until it has been announced, released, or published....
Those of you who have been waiting to see more of my upcoming original graphic novel RECKLESS, I promise I will post some really cool stuff that I'm excited about as soon as I can.
I really appreciate everyones patience. Unfortunately, sometimes life brings you interruptions or it brings you action and adventure, either way, updating a blog has to take a back seat when those things come up.
Thanks again everyone. Above is The Goon, I wanted to draw a character I've never drawn before. Enjoy. And remember LONG LIVE PENCIL & PAPER!