Sunday, October 10, 2010

100th POST!!!

100th Post! WOW! I've finally done it! It seems so long ago that I started this blog and considering my average time of updating, its about time! Well, better late than never. It feels good, I gotta be honest. And while I know 100 posts really isn't that big a deal to most regular bloggers out there, its a big deal to me. I started this blog for fun and to keep anyone out there interested, updated on what I'm doing artistically; an online sketchbook if you will. I want to show the progression of whatever projects I may be working on, unfortunately due to Non Disclosure Agreements, I have to wait until it has been announced, released, or published....
Those of you who have been waiting to see more of my upcoming original graphic novel RECKLESS, I promise I will post some really cool stuff that I'm excited about as soon as I can.
I really appreciate everyones patience. Unfortunately, sometimes life brings you interruptions or it brings you action and adventure, either way, updating a blog has to take a back seat when those things come up.
Thanks again everyone. Above is The Goon, I wanted to draw a character I've never drawn before. Enjoy. And remember LONG LIVE PENCIL & PAPER!

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