Friday, November 11, 2011

Wiz World AUSTIN Comic Con! Nov. 11 - 13!

Hey guys and gals,
My next show will be in AUSTIN, TX! Wizard World AUSTIN Comic Con!
November 11 - 13 (Friday - Sunday).
If you weren't there last year, you missed out on a GREAT show - so BE THERE this year and swing by the CCP Comics tables in Artist Alley to say, "Hi". I'll be sitting with the CCP crew this year and will be drawing like a mad man if you're interested in Commissioned art - sign up early to make sure you get yours.

I've got some New Prints and artwork as well as a NEW BOOK - Its all a surprise! I wanted to do something special for those you come out to the show to see us. Those at the show will be the first to find out what the secret book is! So swing by and get your copy while they last!

I understand that not everybody will be able to make it out so I'll be posting all the details about the NEW BOOK and NEW Art/Prints and how you can get your copy AFTER the Austin Comic Con.
Long Live Pencil and Paper!
- Sam

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Burning the candle at both ends...

I'm still here guys and gals... sorry for the lack of updates but I've been burning the candle at both ends for a while now & I gotta say, the Rocky Balboa soundtrack is a BIG motivation. Unfortunately, due to non-disclosure agreements I can't talk about any of it until the appropriate time, so suffice it to say I'm working on 2 sizable projects right now, one in comics (with complete creative control handling pencils/inks/colors) AND the other is a big video game project. I can't say anything else. But until I can get back to a regular update schedule again, I will update the blog when I can with more artwork. Enjoy these sketches for now... au revoir.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ACE! This Weekend! June 24th - 26th!

Hey guys,
My next show will be at the Albuquerque Comic Expo in New Mexico! June 24th Friday - 26th Sunday! Come out and see the show, there will be lots of great guests (click the title link above)!
I'll be chilling with the CCP Comics crew, swing by the table and say hi or if you wanna pick up anything you might have missed at the other cons.
I sold out of the RECKLESS ashcans at the houston Comicpalooza show, but no worries, I'm restocked and they are available (and it comes with a free sketch!) I've got some great art prints to choose from and a new Jonah Hex print as well (see above).
Hope to see y'all there!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well...I haven't disappeared!

Hey guys, no worries, I have NOT disappeared!
I recently exhibited at the Dallas Comic Con and Comicpalooza in Houston back to back weekends. I'm cranking out pages for RECKLESS right now. You'll get a chance to see the pages in the upcoming CCP Comics Anthology that will be debuting at ACE:

Don't worry, I'll also post the RECKLESS pages from that anthology RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG SOON!!!

So things have been SUPER busy for me lately, to say the least. I'll be back soon with updates on the Dallas Comic Con and Comicpalooza; both cons were AWESOME and I've got some great pics to show! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dallas Comic Con May 21-22!

Hey guys and gals! My next convention appearance will be at the Dallas Comic-Con THIS WEEKEND! I'll be exhibiting along with CCP Comics and doing sketches, commissions, etc... I also have some of the Limited Edition RECKLESS Ashcans left,so swing by and pick one up before they go by by... And of course I'll have art prints available as well! See y'all there! CLICK THE TITLE LINK ABOVE TO SEE THEIR SITE FOR MORE INFO.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Comic Book Day @ Austin Books & Comics

Free Comic Book Day was AWESOME! I had a blast doing sketches for everyone! We got a break from the sun to get some A/C and record another episode of CCP Comics Un-Bagged Podcast (you can listen to it at under downloads). (Yes, that IS the Hulk's crotch in the background... get your mind out of the gutter). We had a special guest on the show, Austin Books' very own Sidekick Girl! And the sketches above were 2 of the ones I had the most fun drawing!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bayou Comic Con RECAP!

Hey there! Just wanted to give you guys a RECAP of the Bayou Comic Con in Lake Charles LA! I was exhibiting there with the CCP Comics Crew and we had a BLAST! The highlight of the trip was recording the very first CCP Comics Un-Bagged PODCAST!!! With guest ROB GUILLORY (artist of CHEW from Image Comics). I've met and talked with Rob a few times before at previous shows, but we had an awesome time chatting it up at the Bayou Con! Listen to the podcast at the CCP Comics website under "downloads". ALSO click the title link for this post to see the Bayou Comic Con PHOTO ALBUM on my Facebook page! The above drawing is a commission of Hellboy I did for a fan.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Saturday May 7th 2011

Hey there! Check out this News segment we did here in Austin for the upcoming FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Saturday May 7th 2011. I'll be at Austin Books along with other CCP Comics artist to sign books and do FREE sketches! That's right I said FREE SKETCHES! Visit us at Austin Books to get your FREE COMICS & FREE SKETCH!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cyclops Sketch Cover

Hey Hey!! I got my hands on some Marvel Sketch Cover comics... pretty sweet deal. For those that don't know, its a regular comic book except its got a blank cover so that you can buy the issue and have your favorite artist draw a cover for you. Lots O' Fun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

SNIKT! SNIKT! Can Opener!

SNIKT! SNIKT! Whatever happened to the cigar smokin' brown suit Wolverine? I miss the early Wolverine, John Buscema, John Byrne, Paul Smith, Mark Chiarello (covers), Barry Windsor Smith, just to name a few guys that contributed to the character - back when he was actually mysterious, the best at what he does, and only 5'4".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Gamma Blast"

Growing up as a Marvel Comics fan, one of my favorite characters was (and still is) the Incredible Hulk! The madder he gets the stronger he gets! There's NO stopping this guy!
Artistically, the two biggest influences on this character for me are John Buscema and Dale Keown. These guys drew the most dynamic and powerful images of the Hulk bursting off the page! Whenever I think about the Incredible Hulk its always a drawing done by those guys - I was inspired by their great work when I did this illustration.

Monday, April 4, 2011

More doodles...

Here are some recent doodles... the St. Patrick's day doodle I did to illustrate how goofy people can get about drinking on St. Patrick's day; all in good fun! The bottom one is a caricature of a friend, you know who you are! Tee Hee!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Draw night warm up...

Staple 2011 was awesome! Met lots of great people, artists, writers, fans etc... Just want to thank everyone that came by the table; I had a BLAST! The above is a draw night warm up sketch. I usually draw someone or something from life to help me loosen up.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Staple 2011!

Alright Austinites! My next show is gonna be a local one: STAPLE March 5-6 Sat & Sun, 2011! Swing by TABLE #58 and say "Hi", I'll be debuting some NEW ART PRINTS as well as the RECKLESS Ashcan Preview Comic & the DEAD ROBOT #1 Comic Book! I will also be taking commissions so sign up early to make sure you get yours. Look forward to seeing y'all there!
For more info check out: OR just CLICK the Title Post!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Orleans Comic Con 2011 RECAP!

I want to thank everyone for coming out to see us at the Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con 2011! It was AMAZING! Great atmosphere, great people, and GREAT cajun food! The DEAD ROBOT #1 issue debuted and SOLD OUT of its limited edition print run! The RECKLESS ashcans were flying off the table and I had a blast cranking out sketches! We had the best time and we look forward to going back!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wizard World NEW ORLEANS! January 29-30, 2011

Happy New Year! Well things are kicking off to a great start for 2011!
Just wanted to give everybody a last minute reminder, that I will be exhibiting cajun style at the Wizard World NEW ORLEANS Comic Con next weekend, Jan. 29-30 (Sat - Sun), 2011.
Swing by and say "Hello!" For more info please see the previous post (December 15th) below.
You can also CLICK the TITLE LINK ABOVE for more information.
See y'all there!